R16 (drops 50ml) – Migraine, Neuralgia drops for headaches of all types

This important supplement is indicated for throbbing pain in the head which is usually occurs on one side accompanied by nausea and blurred vision (migraine), nervous headaches, neuralgia of the head, indisposition due to continuous headaches frequently due to cold conditions. R16 is also useful for Hemicrania (headache on one side of the head), Occipital neuralgia (chronic pain in the back of the head, upper neck, and behind the eyes due to occipital nerves).


Benefits: For nervous headaches, neuralgia of the head, frequent bouts of headache resulting from insignificant chill, migraine.

General features

R16 is a formulation made up of 4 ingredients with specific therapeutic action on mitigating the symptoms of migraine, headaches of various causes.

Detailed Description: This innovative supplement has the following composition and the action of its ingredients is described as well.

Ingredients: Cimicifuga racemosa D4, Gelsemium sempervirens D3, Iris versicolor D2, Sanguinaria canadensis D3, Spigelia anthelmia D4, Ethanol, Aqua purificata.

Cimicifuga racemosa: Severe headaches in the vertex of head, which radiates to, or from the cervical region.  Supraorbital pains, cervical stiffness; sensation of heat at the vertex; neuralgia indirectly connected to ovarian affections.

Gelsemium sempervirens: Cerebral congestion; head feels heavy, as if one can hardly lift it; aversion to light, pain just above the eyes; headache begins in occipital, and radiates to the forehead.

Iris versicolor: Classic migraine headache; intense headaches with visual aura, blurred vision before onset; hemicranias; vomiting and nausea during headache.

Sanguinaria canadensis: Nervous irritability; congestive migraine headaches with throbbing pain, generally on the right side; aggravated by the slightest noise, smells, motion and light, better with sleep.

Spigelia anthelmia: Unilateral headache beginning in the occipital and radiating to the vertex and frontal regions; pains start at sunrise, increase during the day, and are ameliorated in the evening; Cardiac symptoms.

Dosage: Depending on the severity and nature of the headaches, 10-15 drops in some water 3-6 times daily. After improvement, administer 10 drops in some water three times daily for 2-3 days.

  • Remarks: Inflammation of the cephalic nerves and sinusitis: R1, 5-10 drops in some water 3-6 times daily.
  • Influenza: R6
  • Headaches resulting from a chill: R6
  • Rheumatic or neuralgic cranial complaints: R11
  • Arteriosclerosis, cerebral sclerotic complaints and hypertonia: R12
  • Sinusitis: R49 and R1


Clinical experiences:

  • 5 drops may be administered on an as needed basis at the first appearance of symptoms.
  • Not regarded as a preventative formula.
  • Recurrent headaches may be the result of glandular dysfunction. Consider R19 (men) /R20 (women) to regulate glandular function.

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