R35 (50 ml) Pain in teeth

Difficult, painful, or delayed dentition; cramps of dental origin; toothache (odontalgia).


Benefits: acts to decrease acute pain and inflammation occurring in various conditions caused by hyperexcitability; frequently preceding illness which has been brought about by a chill, such as bronchitis.  In cases presenting with symptoms of odontalgia, it is advisable to check the ears to differentiate from the pain of otitis media.

General features

Gums appear unhealthy and retracted, teeth have a tendency to decay or crumble; toothache is worse cold, worse after eating, worse with menstruation

Detailed Description: This innovative supplement has the following composition and the action of its ingredients is described as well.

Ingredients: Aconitum napellus D6, Bryonia D30, Calcarea carbonica D30, Chamomilla D4, Colocynthis D12, Ignatia amara D30, Staphisagria D8, Ethanol, Aqua purificata.

Aconitum napellus: Acute feverish conditions; toothache from exposure to cold, onset is sudden and intense; restlessness and anxiety.

Bryonia: Inflammation of serous and mucous membranes; toothache with shooting pain from one tooth to the other; pain is worse from warmth; irritable disposition.

Calcarea carbonica: Facilitates teething, useful in delayed dentition; the head perspires during teething; grinding of the teeth; all bodily excretions have a sour odour.

Chamomilla: Unbearable toothache with paradoxical pains which radiate to the ears; intolerance to pain, aggravated at night and from warmth.

Colocynthis: Impatient, easily angered, restlessness during pain; pains in the teeth, as if the nerves were pulled or stretched, pain has a pulsative quality.

Ignatia amara: Hysterical reactions; continual whimpering; nervous excitability.  Odontalgia with the sensation as if the teeth were broken; looseness of the teeth; difficult dentition with convulsions.

Staphisagria: Gums appear unhealthy and retracted, teeth have a tendency to decay or crumble; toothache is worse cold, worse after eating, worse with menstruation

Dosage: Young children may be administered a teaspoonful of a diluted solution, prepared by adding 40-50 drops to ½ cup of water, every 5-10 minutes.  With older children, and in cases of less severity, frequently administer 5-10 drops in some water.  For the aches and pains caused by hollow teeth, directly apply a piece of cotton wool or squab, soaked with some undiluted R35.

Remarks: Inflammation of the dental root: R1 in alternation with R35 every ½ to 1-2 hours.

Accompanied by influenza: R6 additionally.

Insomnia, nervousness, as a sedative: R14 additionally or alternately.

Clinical experiences:

Acutely in children, massage directly on gums, or 40 drops in ½ cup of water, to be sipped on an as needed basis.

For tooth extraction, add the single homeopathic Hypericum perforatum to the treatment protocol.

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