R4 (drops 50 ml) – Diarrhea, acute and chronic gastroenteritis

Acute and chronic gastro-entero-colitis of all types. Summer diarrhea after a chill or faulty diet. Intestinal catarrh, intestinal influenza, diarrhoea with fever, typhoid fever, dysentery.

Benefits: It addresses the issues of inflammation of gastrointestinal and lining of colon. It is also indicated for diarrhea, intestinal influenza (contagious viral infection causing fever, severe aches), intestinal catarrh (excessive discharge or build-up of mucus), typhoid fever and dysentery.

General features

In all age groups diarrhea is the most common suffered illness. It refers to increase in frequency of the bowel movements and the stools are loose and watery. Diarrhea can cause severe illness as there is loss of water and electrolytes from body. Complications of diarrhea can cause dehydration, irritation of anus and electrolyte abnormalities. Symptoms include loose or thin stools, nausea, vomiting, cramps, mucus and blood in stools, bloating in belly, fever, weight loss etc.   R4 drops is recommended for loose motion (diarrhea). The common cause of Diarrhea includes alcohol intake, diabetes, intestinal diseases, unhealthy diet, food allergies, medications, bacterial infections, hyperthyroidism etc.

Detailed Description: This innovative supplement has the following composition and the action of its ingredients is described as well.

Ingredients: Baptisia tinctoria D4, Chamomilla D4, Chininum arsenicosum D6, Colocynthis D6, Ferrum phosphoricum D8, Mercurius sublimatus D6, Oleander D6, Phosphoricum acidum D3, Rhus toxicodendron D4, Veratrum album D6, Ethanol, Aqua purificata.

Phosphoricum acidum: -treats sleepiness, typhoid fever, chronic and acute diarrhea.

Baptisia tinctoria: -treats diarrhea with mucus, fever, dull headache, swollen body and brown coated tongue.

Chamomilla: -treats colics (severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines) and greenish or aqueous stools after chills.

Chininum arsenicosum:  -treats bactericidal diarrhea accompanied by fever, asthenia (physical weakness) and general exhaustion.

Colocynthis: -is homeopathic medicine for loose motion (diarrhea) that treats dysenteric stools with intestinal spasms (involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement)

Ferrum phosphoricum: -treats watery diarrhea accompanied by flatulence (accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal), inflammation and fever.

Mercurius sublimates:  -treats blood tinged stools, tenacious (tight) tenesmus (recurrent inclination to evacuate the bowels)

Oleander: -treats stools disorders, colicky intestinal cramps and undigested stools.

Rhus toxicodendron: -treats watery diarrhea, restlessness, mucohaemorrhagic (characterized by hemorrhage and mucus) and drowsiness.

Veratrum album: -treats vomiting, diarrhea accompanied by shivering and collapse.

Dosage: In acute fever, 5-10 drops undiluted every ¼-1 hour.  Upon improvement, usually 1-2 days after onset, reduce the dose to 5-10 drops every 1-2 hours.  It is advisable to continue the treatment protocol for one week at the rate of 5-10 drops 3-4 times daily before meals, until complete recovery.

In typhoid fever with intestinal complications, 5-10 drops in some water every 1-2 hours.

In chronic diarrhea, 5-10 drops in some water 3 times daily before meals.

In non-complicated diarrhea (without fever), according to the severity of symptoms, 5-10 drops in some water every 1-3 hours.


  • During convalescence: V-C15 or R184, R95
  • When symptoms of low vitality and poor reactivity are long standing, 5-10 drops once daily of R26, in addition to R4.
  • In intestinal spasms, alternating with chronic constipation: R37
  • Pancreatitis: R72


Clinical experiences:

  • Alleviates symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.
  • Relieves symptoms of Colitis; use R1 in conjunction.
  • Typically regarded as an acute formula, considered in any inflammatory response of the intestines.
  • Intoxification of intestine, i.e. food poisoning.
  • Can be used as a prophylactic before travel: Preventative, 5 drops daily 1 week prior to and during travel. If symptoms develop, continue 5 drops daily for 1 week upon return.

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