R95 (drops 50ml) – Alfalfa General Tonic (Energizes vital body functions)

Brief Description: This supplement is a General family Tonic that energizes Vital Functions in the body promoting overall health through optimum nutrition, better appetite, digestion and proper function of body organs. It also provides a tonic effect for all ages, in conditions of anaemia, loss of appetite, convalescence, especially after debilitating fevers or surgical operations, pregnancy, loss of weight and in growing children.


 Benefits: It majorly helps in chronic conditions of anaemia, anxiety due to overwork, exhaustion; ideal for use during convalescence, especially for those recovering from debilitating fever, illness or surgery; after pregnancy; following weight loss or growth spurts in children; for anyone wanting to naturally increase energy levels.

Detailed Description: R95 is a unique, balanced formulation of botanical extracts,  homeopathically prepared remedies and tissue salts.  The following ingredients function collectively to provide adaptogenic support.  An adaptogen is defined as a non-specific substance which enhances or restores all body systems to normal, while aggravating none.

Ingredients: Alfalfa Ø, Avena sativa Ø, Calcarea phosphorica D6, Cinchona officinalis Ø, Cinnamomum Ø, Ginseng Ø, Hydrastis canadensis Ø, Magnesia phosphorica D6, Nux vomica D3, Phosphoricum acidum D2, Saccharum Saccharum tostum, Ethanol.


Alfalfa: Nutritive properties, rich in vitamins and minerals; vitamin K content promotes proper blood clotting, prevents internal haemorrhages, and aids in decreasing excessive menstrual flow and haemorrhage in early pregnancy; blood builder and rejuvenator; internal cleanser of cells facilitating the removal of cellular toxins and debris; increases endurance and oxygen utilization during exercise.

Avena sativa: Provides adaptogenic support; the inorganic salt constituents of this botanical have a nutritive function on the central and peripheral nervous systems; indicated for neurasthenia, nervous weakness, or trauma, and mental overstrain.

Calcarea phosphorica: Nutritive tissue salt, assisting in blood coagulation; promotes healthy cellular activity; aids in normal growth and development (especially of bones and teeth); increase tonicity of weakened organs and tissues;  Aids in preventing nervous hyperexcitability; neuritis, neuralgia; psychasthenia, forgetfulness, inability to sustain mental effort.

Cinchona officinalis: Strengthen and tonify the stomach; general tonic for exhaustion, illness, and impotence; may prevent periodic return of disease.

Cinnamomum: Stimulation of the digestive system; haemostatic action, useful in treatment of menorrhagia, metorrhagia, and post-partum haemorrhage.

Ginseng: Anti-fatigue, anti-stress, adaptogenic herb; increases mental and physical activity, growth rate and protein anabolism; aids in recovery after sexual debility; non-specific macrophagic stimulating effects on the humoral immune system, thus improving the body’s natural ability to fight infection.

Hydrastis canadensis: General tonic to the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, immune, cardiac, and reproductive systems.  These systemic effects render it useful in the treatment of exhaustion.

Magnesia phosphorica: Antispasmodic action ensures rhythmic and coherent contraction of muscular tissue; indicated for nervous pain, such as neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica, and headaches with shooting, stabbing pains.

Phosphoricum acidum: Mental and physical debility producing nervous exhaustion, listlessness of the mind, impaired memory, lack of concentration, and mental confusion; drowsiness during the day; combats the ravages of acute disease, excess grief, or strong emotion.

Dosage: For adults, one tablespoon 3 times daily before meals. For children one teaspoonful 3 times daily before meals.

Note: Must be calculated into the daily diet of diabetics.

1 tsp. = 0.1 BU; 1 tbsp. = 0.3 BU


Anaemia and lack of appetite: R31

Pernicious anaemia: R40


Possible contra-indications: Certain alkaloid constituents of hydrastis canadensis, and cinchona officinalis mimic the hormone oxytoxin.

Clinical experiences:

  • Contraindicated during pregnancy due to the content of Cinnamomum, Ginseng, and Hydrastis.
  • Excellent restorative tonic.
  • Restores energy and stimulates appetite in cancer patients.

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