TONIC SUPPLEMENTS – V-C 15 Relaxation and strengthening of the nervous system – Syrup – 250 ml

 Brief Description: Conditions of nervous exhaustion, nervous weakness, fatigue, and depression; insomnia from prolonged mental effort; nervous headaches; lethargy; general nervous fatigue, physical fatigue; inability to concentrate; syncopal tendency.


Benefits: Strengthens the organism and increases the mood and the avoid fatigue.

General features

All cellular metabolisms are governed by vitamin cofactors.  Increasing one’s vitamin intake results in both increased mental and physical vigour.  Feelings of mental and/or physical exhaustion subside, and there is a demonstrated return of energy.  To facilitate this, vitamin substances have been synergistically added to the following ingredients.

Detailed Description: This innovative supplement has the following composition and the action of its ingredients is described as well.

Ingredients: Cocculus indicus D5, Helonias dioica D5, Ignatia amara D5, Phosphoricum acidum D3, Sepia D6, Zincum metallicum D6, Acidum ascorbicum, Decoctum Fructus Cynosbati, Decoctum Fructus Sorbi aucupar, Extrait de Fructus Citri medici, Saccharum officinale, Saccharum tostum, Ethanol, Aqua purificata.

Cocculus indicus: Extreme physical weakness, exhaustion; irritability, depression, insomnia; weakness or localized paralysis of the neck muscles, causing a feeling of heaviness in the head (the neck is incapable of holding the head up).

Helonias dioica: Exhaustion and overexertion (especially of women), accompanied by uterine affections; nervous irritation, depression, a desire for solitude; feeling of discouragement.

Ignatia amara: Nervous exhaustion, irritability, and hyperesthesia of all the senses following prolonged mental depression, or causing hypersensitivity to emotions or sad events; egocentric desire for solitude.

Phosphoricum acidum: Physical and mental weakness; depressed and apathetic; inability to do mental work; mental indifference and discouragement.  A remedy for grief, and an overwhelming response to grief.  Drowsiness during the day; impotence, nocturnal seminal emissions without erection.

Zincum metallicum: Great nervous exhaustion, restlessness of the legs; irritability of the nervous system; slow mental conception, poor memory, mental depression, and dissatisfaction. Burning and weakness along the spinal cord; peripheral neuropathy causing numbness or burning.

Dosage: Initially, 1 teaspoonful (5ml) to 30ml 3 times daily.  After improvement administer the same dose 1-2 times daily, eventually tapering the dose, to only once in the evening. Note: Must be calculated into the daily diet of diabetics. 1 tsp. = 0.1 BU



  • During menopause: R10
  • Sleep disturbances: R14
  • Endocrine disturbances: R19 or R20


Clinical experiences:

  • Considered in any case of high emotion: PPD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one.
  • Emotional trauma, 1 tsp. may be administered on an as needed basis.
  • Chronic cases, 1 tsp. 3 times daily.
  • Duration of treatment should not exceed 3 weeks. If there is no observable improvement within 3 weeks, this is not the appropriate formula and treatment protocol should be revised.

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