Infertility Counseling

Full consultation via skype, viber or other networks for couples who have problems with unexplained infertility, miscarriages and failed IVF attempts.


Benefits: – Highly specialized diagnosis by highly trained doctors offers targeted diagnostic and personalized treatments in all cases such as infertility, miscarriages, and failed IVFs.

– Our team has proper morals and ethics and also trained abroad to help a couple in a proper and responsible way.

– Our team is trained and recognized by international medical societies in reproductive medicine and has the innovations required for couples first hand.

– Our team gives the couple the opportunity to maximize their potential for a successful normal pregnancy or IVF. Our pregnancy success rate when we prepare the IVF couple to do implantation at a recognized center is up to 67% and our success rate after miscarriages is over 80%.

General Features
The couple can contact our institution without having to come to our center. The first step they need to take is to send the diagnostic tests whether they are male or female.

Our team will study them thoroughly and do their reproductive medical history consultation which is the second step. In this step our team will see and explain what the problem is, let couples know if there are specific tests they need to run that haven’t been done anywhere else, and guide them through a specific diagnosis and personalized treatments depending on who it has problems.

The couple will be in full contact with our team and our center can be in close collaboration with the gynecologist if they wish.

Video Presentations AND interviews:


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4.Ιndividualized Diagnosis and Treatment on Miscarriages for Successful Pregnancy Rates Over 80%


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